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Antonian strives to provide ways in which families may offset the cost of attending Antonian through merit-based scholarships, need-based tuition assistance, and 3rd part scholarship opportunities. 


High School Placement Test (HSPT) Scholarship– Students who score in the 90th percentile or higher on the composite battery of the High School Placement Test (National Percentile Ranking, NPR) earn a scholarship ranging from $500 to $2,000 (graduated amounts as the score increases from 90 to 99). This scholarship is renewable each year as long as the student remains in the top 25th percentile of his/her class and maintains a satisfactory disciplinary record.


Valedictorian/Salutatorian Scholarship – Each entering freshman student who finishes eighth grade and is recognized by his/her school as first or second by academic rank earns a scholarship in the amount of $2,000 for valedictorians and $1,000 for salutatorians for each year the student attends Antonian for a maximum potential award of $8,000 and $4,000 per student, respectively. This scholarship is renewable each year; however, beginning with the class of 2020, in order for the scholarship to be renewed, the student must remain in the top 25th percentile of his/her class and maintain a satisfactory disciplinary record.


Hope for the Future is a funding source of the Archdiocese of San Antonio that provides need-based tuition assistance for Catholic and non-Catholic students who meet eligibility requirements and enroll in one of the Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of San Antonio. Tuition assistance is prioritized by financial need and based on available funding. Funds are paid directly to the school on behalf of the student, half the award each semester. Awards for high school students typically range from $500 to $2,000 per year based on financial need analysis. Funding does not automatically carry forward each year—an application must be submitted for each subsequent year of enrollment. Applications must be filled out online and submitted directly to the Archdiocese. For more information, please see

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Antonian Tuition Assistance directly provides need-based tuition assistance to enrolled students prioritized by financial needs and available funding. Funds are applied directly to the respective student’s tuition account. Awards typically range from $500 to $3,000 per year. Funding does not automatically carry forward each year—an application must be submitted for each subsequent year of enrollment. Antonian uses the same application as Hope for the Future for determining awards of tuition assistance through its own pool of funds, so applicants need only apply once through Hope for the Future to also be considered for Antonian assistance. All applications must be submitted online only and will need to be completed to be reviewed.


The criteria used for additional 3rd  party tuition assistance scholarships were established by the scholarship donors. Please review each scholarship's criteria carefully to determine eligibility and application procedures. Questions can be directed to Mark Papich, Director of Strategic Development and Alumni Relations.

    Antonian Wild Game Scholarship Dinner Announcement


Through the generosity of Antonian Alumni and Friends, the Antonian Wild Game Scholarship Dinner is pleased to award scholarships to students with financial need and who meet the parameters set forth below. With Apache pride in our hearts, we hope that the recipients of these scholarships will be future ambassadors for Antonian, not only with their friends and family but in their community. Upon graduation and as Antonian alumni, they will become active members of the Antonian Alumni Association and foster the spirit of giving back through their gifts of time, energy, and resources.

The Antonian Wild Game Scholarship Dinner organization will award eight scholarships at a minimum of $3,000* per school year.

  • Two (2) Incoming Freshman

  • Two (2) Sophomores

  • Two (2) Juniors

  • Two (2) Seniors

To apply, the student must provide a brief (1-2 page, DS) essay describing their qualifications and their motivation to attend Antonian. Applicants should describe their dreams for the future and how Antonian can help to make a difference, not only in the student’s life but in the lives of others. In this application process, it is the student’s responsibility to demonstrate that the scholarship criteria are met.

Criteria for the Antonian Wild Game Scholarship are:

  • The student must have a minimum GPA of 2.5.

  • The student must demonstrate religious dedication, loyalty, honesty, and compassion.

  • The student must be in good academic standing and have actively participated in extracurricular service activities, organizations, or clubs to develop character and leadership skills.

  • Recipient must have a completed FACTS application on file demonstrating financial need.


Awards must be used for the applicable school year. A new application process will be required each year with priority being given to prior year recipients who remain enrolled as Antonian students and who meet the designated criteria. Previous recipients must enter the applicant pool and repeat the application process each year.

To apply, please send an essay with a cover page giving the student's name, grade level, and parent(s) name, address & contact information to:


Antonian College Preparatory High School

6425 West Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78213

Attn: Mark Papich, Director of Strategic Development and Alumni Relations.

Applications will be accepted beginning May 1st of the current academic year and must be delivered to Antonian or postmarked by May 31st of the current academic year. Awards will be announced by June of the current academic year.

* At the discretion of the Antonian Alumni Association, the award amounts will be reviewed and adjusted for any given year prior to that year’s application process. *

Scott De La Garza, DLG Luce Salazar PLLC Scholarship


Scott de la Garza, DLG Luce Salazar PLLC Scholarship will award one $2,500 scholarship to an incoming freshman who meets the qualifications set forth below. 

Scott De La Garza, a partner at DLG Luce Salazar, PLLC, began this scholarship as a tribute to the educational foundation he gained while attending Antonian College Preparatory High School. Mr. De La Garza is a class of 1999 graduate who was active in football, soccer, track & cross country, student council and the retreat team.

DLG Luce Salazar PLLC, a Texas-based law firm, holds core values of a traditional law firm, including building personal relationships with each of its clients. Their principal office is in San Antonio, Texas with additional offices in downtown Austin, Texas, and The Woodlands, Texas (Houston Area). Accessibility is a core value that the DLG/Luce/Salazar partners share and believe is a key to their success.


Eligible candidates will be in the top 25% of the national High School Placement Test (HSPT) scores and have a demonstrated financial need.  Financial need is a criterion for this scholarship.  The student must have a completed FACTS application on file to be considered for this scholarship. Student records must be clear of disciplinary actions. The student must demonstrate leadership or stand-out performance in middle school activities. These may or may not be related to academics.


To apply, the student must provide a brief (1 – 2 pages, DS) essay describing their qualifications, their motivation to attend Antonian, and how they feel Antonian will make a difference in their life. Please provide a cover page with the student name, parent name(s), address, contact information (email and phone), and prior school.


Application packets will be accepted from May 1st- May 31st, and must be postmarked or delivered to:


Antonian College Preparatory High School

6425 West Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78213,

Attn: Mark Papich - Director of Strategic Development and Alumni Relations


Applications will be accepted until May 31stof the current school year. The recipient of the award will be notified in June.

The Antonian Hall of Fame Scholarship

Established in memory of Charles James Kittell

Antonian Principal 1988 – 1996


The Antonian Athletic Hall of Fame, established in 2012, recognizes individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the prestige of Antonian both on and off the field of competition. Inductees have brought much distinction and honor to Antonian and have established a tradition of excellence that is incomparable. Their achievements and contributions have touched everyone associated with Antonian College Preparatory High School. From the inception of interscholastic athletics at Antonian to the present, none have better exemplified the true spirit of athletic competition at Antonian than these honored players, coaches, administrators, and families.

In keeping with the tradition of Apache pride and spirit, the Antonian Athletic Hall of Fame Scholarship will award two $1,500 scholarships, one each to a male and female student, for their senior school year tuition at Antonian.  Recipients must meet the following criteria:

  •   Must be entering their junior year of school in August and be in good academic and disciplinary standing

  •   Student demonstrates leadership and good character

  •   Student participates in Antonian extracurricular activities


To apply, the student must provide a brief (1 – 2 page, DS) essay describing their qualifications. The student will explain their motivation to attend Antonian and how they feel extracurricular activities have helped them grow in their faith, leadership, character, and personal integrity.  The student must describe how their experiences at Antonian have helped them move toward college and future success.  Please provide a cover page with the student's name, parent name(s), address, and contact information. 


The deadline to submit essays is July 31 preceding entry to their junior year of school.  Essays may be emailed, mailed, or delivered to:


Antonian College Preparatory High School

6425 West Avenue, San Antonio, TX  78213

Attn: Mark Papich – Director of Strategic Development and Alumni Relations


Email address is: No late applications will be accepted.


A formal announcement and presentation will occur at the Hall of Fame Dinner during the fall semester.  


Charles James Kittell was born on February 20, 1928, in San Diego, California, and spent his childhood growing up in Lewistown and Missoula, Montana. He graduated from Missoula County High School in 1946. After being named a high school All-American in track & field in 1945, he was invited to the Olympic Trials where he qualified as the alternate for the 1948 London Olympic Games as a member of the track & field team. He received his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Notre Dame in 1951. Upon graduation, he served in the United States Air Force during the Korean War. During his eight years as principal at Antonian, the school underwent major changes including the transition to co-ed and a student population than tripled. He was also proud of establishing a stringent academic program that was able to produce National Merit Scholars. While educating the future of America, Jim continued to serve in the Air Force Reserves. During his reserve status, he was stationed at Wilford Hall Medical Center, and in 1987, he was selected as the nation's most outstanding Medical Service Corp (MSC). The following year he was promoted to Colonel at which rank he retired in 1988, after having served 37 years. His commitment to education and country earned him numerous medals and countless awards for his outstanding efforts and contributions. On February 17, 2015, Charles James Kittell went to be with our Lord at the age of 86.



The Chief Albert J. Lilly Law Enforcement and Military Memorial Scholarship Established by Lesley and Kevin Lilly, class of 1978, in loving memory of Chief Albert J. Lilly

Albert (Al) Joseph Lilly was born in 1918 in an Irish neighborhood in the Bronx NY and attended Catholic schools in New York City. His family had immigrated to the city and eventually built the largest meatpacking company in New York.


Ever the adventurer Al, as a young man in 1940, took off with a friend, Billy Benedetti, to Africa to shoot photos for World Book Encyclopedia. In 1941 they were still in Africa when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Not wanting to miss out on the fight, Lts Lilly and Benedetti joined with the British Army in North Africa as American Volunteers. As such, they were one of the first Americans to fight the Nazis in WWII. Tragically, Billy was killed, and his death, which was witnessed by Al, convinced him to dedicate his life to service. He returned home where he met his wife of over 50 years, Rose Mugavero, and together they had 5 children including Kevin (Antonian '78)


His subsequent military career included Korea, service under President Eisenhower as head of Air Force Security, and then head of US Security Forces in Vietnam. At the conclusion of his long Military Career, Al came to Antonian to teach history, then later to serve as Dean of Boys. He stayed on until taking the position as Chief of Police for Universal City Texas in 1976, where he served until just before his death in 1996.

Al was an avid reader, historian, and die-hard Dallas Cowboy and New York Yankee fan, switching to the Houston Astros in his later years.


The Award

This merit-based award is a one-time $1,000 scholarship given to a junior student and applied to their senior year (12th grade) at Antonian College Preparatory High School. The award also includes a plaque and will be presented during a school-wide assembly.


Who is Eligible?

Any current junior may apply. Candidates will be evaluated according to their leadership skills, community involvement, extracurricular activities, and affiliation with law enforcement and/or the military. Although academic achievement is not a qualifier for this award, the candidate should demonstrate both aspirations to be successful and a strong, well-rounded character.


Application Process

The applicant should submit a cover letter with his/her name, parent(s) names, full address, telephone and email and a 500 word (minimum) essay. In this essay the applicant should describe the involvement of any family member either in law enforcement or military service and clearly demonstrate why they are the best candidate for this award.


As supporting documents, the applicant shall provide the following:

  • List of awards or recognitions you have received, the presenting organization and the year received.

  • List of school and community organizations in which you are in or have been active.

  • List of leadership positions you have held in your clubs or other organizations. Indicate those positions.

  • A letter from your academic advisor confirming their qualifications is also required.


Deadline: The original and a copy of the cover page, essay and supporting letter must be submitted no later than May 31st, to Mark Papich, Director of Strategic Development and Alumni Relations. (Mailed applications must be postmarked no later than May 31st)

Jesus F. Ramirez Scholarship


The Jesus F. Ramirez (JFR) Scholarship will award two scholarships: a $1,000 scholarship and a $500 scholarship to a graduating senior who meets the qualifications set forth below.


The JFR Scholarship was established in 2019 in memory of Jesus Felipe Ramirez, co-founder of My Story and an Antonian parent and faculty member. He will always be recognized and respected as an amazing visionary, an award-winning television and film producer, a published author, a professional photographer, a musician, song writer, teacher, director, artist, mentor, business-man, and inventor. Beginning with the 2013-2014 school year, Jesus proposed a video production class called Apache Productions that focused on building young, creative minds interested in radio, television, writing, editing, and producing.

Jesus was the father of eight children, seven of whom are Antonian alumni and one of whom is a current Antonian student. His passion was creative storytelling. With an incredibly creative soul and sharp eye, he captured and valued the stories of his family, and others. Jesus was clear about his mission while he lived on this earth--to leave behind a legacy that future generations can benefit from.

Antonian seniors, What story will you tell? This is your book; you are the author of your story. Will it be funny? Will you touch heart strings? Be creative and capture your audience.


The recipient of this scholarship must be a graduating senior of the 2022-2023 academic school year and must remit an application in the form of a 3-5 minute YouTube video.



  • A creative 3-5 minute My Story video.

  • Upload the video to YouTube in a private/password-protected link

  • Title your video JFR This is My Story - Name of Applicant. Example:"JFR This is My Story - Feliz Ramirez"

  • Use the password “seniors 23" (all lower case) for the password-protected link

  • Email the link to and use the title of your video as the subject line


This scholarship is currently open, Deadline to submit videos will be at the end of the day (11:59 pm) on Saturday, May 13. No late videos will be accepted. Questions can be emailed to Recipients will be announced at the Senior Breakfast on Sunday, May 21, 2023.